Artificial Intelligence is the computer's fighting capability to combat humans as well as its choices. The AI does not adapt to human strategies and as such, the same strategy may be used to repeatedly win a level.

The AI of epic war saga is quite low, examples include but are not limited to:

  • They never use supporting spells
  • Ignore elemental strengths and weaknesses
  • Do not attempt to attack ranged units when cornered on their side.
  • Always use the same unit when rushed, leading to easy exploits
  • Uses nearly identical tactics no matter the hero, only varying what special it uses

The "aggressive" AI:

The AI, due to a bug, sometimes adopts an entirely different strategy. In the beginning it appears normal, but after it's first summon, it walks up to the middle, pauses and then charges straight to your spawn. There, it spams one of it's spells trying to kill your units and not your hero. Even if you move the hero away, the enemy hero just stays at your spawn, killing your units again. Also, the enemy hero turns around and goes straight back to it's corner after you bite off ~50% of it's HP. While this might not appear exactly horrible at first, imagine trying to do a difficult quest with a high HP enemy, such as 6-6. It's plain impossible or just very hard. This bug, however, CAN be gotten rid off: 1a) You only need to do this the first time. Find a level (easy and low cost preferably) which is NOT bugged like described above. BUT: It must be the first fight you do from the last time you refreshed your page. Example: I refresh my page, and fight 1-6. I discover that after the first summon, the boss moves all the way to my spawn. I refresh again, and try 1-1. The boss does not try to rush me this time. Now note the level which is not bugged somewhere. 1b) This is the first step alone from now on. Refresh your page and fight the level that you just noted. 2) After you fight that level, go to the previously bugged level and retry. Notice that the boss no longer rushes you but reacts normally.

Note: If you manage to do the above, you need to repeat it every time you refresh your page to avoid all bugged levels.

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