Element: Earth

Beast Rider

Added by FenixNova

Created from: Monster Lab Level 10

Cost: Beast Rider, 50 Earth Crystals, 1.2M Gold OR 900 Crystal

Type: Melee

​HP: 500

Attack: 70

Defense: 10

Move Speed  2.8

Attack Speed  3

Size: Medium

Hits: 2

Attack Power: 0.5/ 0.5

Population: 18

Cost to Summon: 4


HP: 65%

Attack: 46%

Defense: 38%


Attack Status: Poison

Status Immunity: Poison

Status Weakness: None

Guard: Stun=0.5, Fly=0.5, Fatalty=0.4, Burn=0.8, Freeze=0.8, Shock=0.8, Poison=1.0

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