Latecomers: You're free to start on these tactics whenever you like, but you may need to go back and master some missions, or grind on some missions to get enough gold to catch you up to the walkthrough. Since the guide assumes you've been following along from the start, you may need to skim through to find out the exact equipment and stats being used.

  1. I will be mastering each mission before I move on, unless otherwise stated. Mastering missions early means you'll have the experience necessary for later missions.
  2. Likewise, unless otherwise stated, I will move on as soon as a mission is completed and not return to it. You can do it differently in you like, but don't blame me if the strategies don't work if you do.
  3. I will say every time I buy a unit, spend gold, or whenever something else major happens.
  4. I will be using Popo as the only hero.
  5. If any terminology is unfamiliar or reasoning uncertain, read and
  6. You don't have to apply points the same way I do (especially spare points), but again, don't blame me if the strategies don't work if you do, and keep an eye out for where to add more energy. Note that this will be an energy heavy build, for pure questing.
  7. I should not have to tell you that I use X and Z to zoom every combat, and do it on double speed.
  8. I will not be fighting in the arena to advance. This will not be dependent on finding an arena farm. Nor will any crystal purchases be made.
  9. I do not claim the most artful, most efficient methods, but following these tactics should ultimately result in an easy, reasonably quick and achievable victory.
  10. You don't have to follow every tactic, experiment, have fun, and learn the system. Fight in the arena, play old missions, do as you like, just remember to account for any differences from your game and the guide when you do.

Note: This guide is being updated as of June 10th, 2013. This is mostly just to account for new items and various other updates that happened after this guide was created. As of  July 26th, 2013 it is now up to date.

Note 2: For those of you wishing to put points into Action early on to get BP to contruct and level up a tower here is a list of the real arena farms in their level order from lowest level to highest(These names are case sensitive so do type them in correctly and leave out the commas) Please also note these farms are only on the Kongregate version of the game : farm100, farm500, farm1000, farm2500, onderbroek, epicfarm, farm6000, gust4v3 

Note 3: For those of you playing beyond just getting all of the game badges (on the Kong version that means playing until you beat 3-6) then you will want to save your crystals until you can purchase Holy Angel Seraphiel as she is pretty much considered the best hero in the game. She costs 3,500 crystals in the level 10 Castle Throne.



Easy Mission, just wait until you have about 2 orange blocks charged, special attack, and summon Elf Rangers, from here, use Special attack when it hits 4-5 blocks, and summon Elf Rangers again. To speed it up, use Popo, and after your rangers are attacking Grim's Elite Knights, move forward next to Grim and special attack so the knights are launched, which lets rangers hit Grim directly. Move Popo away if he gets too low on health.

Equip the Goat Milk if you want, it's unnecessary, but you'll probably pick some up, and every little helps.

Now then, what do you do with your points once you level up? The old guide said to go with 4 attack and 1 defense each level, several people along with myself find that to be a little pointless. Early on the majority of your attack will come from your equipment. (Mainly the 6 Staff of Holy Empire that you will be getting.) And you will gain far more defense from them than you would by putting 1 point into defense every level. If you still want to do that, then go ahead.

Ultimately the 3 main stats you want to put points into are Attack, Energy and Action. Now Action you can hold off on until later in the 4th or 5th Chapter if you want, or you can put a couple points into it and start farming for BP to work on your tower then that is fine as well. Early on you want to focus most of your points into Energy so you can master missions and farm up the gold you need for equipment later on. This guide will tell you exactly how much Energy you need for mastering these missions, so feel free to spend the rest of your points between Attack and Action as you please.

  •  This guide will continue with the assumption you will be spending those points immediately, again you want to put points into Attack, Energy and Action. This guide will tell you when you really need to start saving points for Energy.

Eventually you'll reach level 2. After this point, move Popo up sooner and start using Giant Fist to hit the boss instead of Special Attack. Again, wait until you have 4 orange mana charged before each fist after the first, since that will give the optimal summoning speed for Rangers.

Later, you'll reach level 5, Popo-Puberty. Now, start off as you have been, Giant Fisting into Ranger summons, but now, when you have 40 Rangers out, use Rage once instead of Giant Fist - this will speed up the action quite a bit. By the time this one is mastered, you should be level 5 and have three achievements: Rookie, Veteran, and Newbie. Newbie will give you your first weapon - Light Saber Z. Equip it, and equip the Guide Book from Veteran, if you haven't already.


This mission isn't much different from the first one. Just move Popo up and summon Elf Rangers as in 1:1. Don't be intimidated by the goblins he summons hitting you, just let them push you back, your archers will take care of them before they can kill you, and you'll be able to move forward again shortly after raging. With your new sword, you'll be winning a lot faster than you were in 1:1. Don't forget to Rage at 40 Rangers, and don't forget to wait until you have 4 Orange Blocks before using Rage or Giant Fist.  You'll pick up the Conqueror Achievement whilst mastering this mission, equip the Dragon Mail it gives you. Mastering 1:2 will leave you at level 9 and 29,600 Gold, still unspent.

  • (Alternatively you can start spending that money on upgrading your market to level 3 ahead of time, and buy Staff of Holy Empire as you can afford them.)

This mission is even easier than 1:2, since Dwarf Sharp Shooters will hit Popo for very little damage. Just keep heading on with the same strategy - move into comfortable Giant Fist range and do the old Fist > Archer > Fist routine until you have 48 archers deployed. By this time the dwarves have probably pushed you back a ways. Once you have 4 Orange charged, use Rage, then move as far right as you can and keep moving. Summon your final Archer and use Giant Fist again, and because the dwarves will stop behind Jack to shoot you, rather than protecting him from your archers, Jack will die quickly.

You'll level up to 10 quite quickly, giving you the casual gamer achievement, but no goodies except some gold. This is the last level you can go without increasing Energy, so if you have been putting points into Attack or Action before hand, now is the time to make sure you have points to put into Energy so save them. Now you're level 10, here's where things speed up a bit. Go to Village, upgrade your Market to Level 3, and buy three Staves of Holy Empire. Equip them in your three free item slots.

Go back to 1:3. Your new strategy is, whilst the map is still loading, use your hotkeys (Assuming you haven't changed hobbits out from being in your first unit slot, and are still playing Popo), *quickly* hit Q-3-Q as the mission begins.

This will spawn two squads of hobbits, and, if you did it fast enough, then they'll both be Enraged, dealing 50% more damage with every hit. Rage again as soon as you can, and summon a third squad of emergency hobbits just in case. So long as you summon hobbits whilst rage is still being cast, then the new squad will also be Enraged.

These hobbits will rapidly charge Jack and win the battle in roughly 25 seconds. Have fun mastering! Mastering 1:3 will leave you at level 13, with 15 unspent stat points, and the Explorer Achievement, giving you another 20,000 Gold and a Dark Shield. At this point you want to buy any remaining Staff of Holy Empire's that you need until you have six in total. Head to the Village and go to the Thunder Temple and buy Goblins. Equip your goblins, and remember which slot you put them in, because they're going to replace Hobbits from now on.

  • (I removed the old part about using the Dark Shield and added the 3 other staffs you will want, so from this point on your gold total will probably be different from the totals I'll be leaving in the guide.)

Just like before, your strategy for this level is: Summon Goblins > Rage > Summon Goblins, all with the hotkeys, and all before the screen's finished brightening up. Oni doesn't have a chance.

Mastering 1:4, which should probably take less than ten minutes, will leave you with: Level 16, with 30 Skill Points unspent. The Destroyer Achievement, and 49,815 gold in your pocket.

If you run out of energy, you have those unspent Skill Points you can put into Energy, otherwise there's honestly no need to assign any more skill points or buy anything else right now, so just master 1:5 as well.


Now, if you've been playing through all these missions without any break in between, you'll probably run out of energy for the first time here, so let's take stock:

You need 207 Exp to level, and 1:5 gives 20 Exp per time, so you need to add about 14 energy to make sure you don't run out again. That's half the points you'd had saved, so may as well add 15 points for luck, giving you 45 energy.

This is enough to do 1:5 eleven times, so this should be enough to master the mission. Get used to figuring this out, because you'll need to change this regularly.

By the end of it, you should be level 19, 30 Skill points spare, and still have 57,415 Gold left.


Boss time! Actually, the same tactic as before works here, just Goblin > Rage > Goblin and then Rage > Goblin whenever you can. You should win in under a minute. Once again, you should be coming to the edge of running out of energy before you level. You need about 250 Exp now, which is five wins in 1:6, so get 50 Energy, this should let you master the mission without any further interruptions. Mastering 1:6 will leave you with 77,145 Gold, level 25, and 55 unspent points in energy, as well as The Adventurer achievement for another 30,000 Gold and a Dragon King Sword.


Once again, we'll run out of energy here. 2:1 gives 26 Exp, so you'll have to beat it 13 times to level up right now, so put another 15 skill points into Energy. You should now have the 30 Energy you started with, plus 35 energy from skill points, for a total of 65. You should know the drill now, Goblin Rage Goblin Rage Goblin... You don't need anything more. Part way into mastering 2:1, you'll get a Holy Sword Excalibourne from the Outstanding Warrior achievement. Replace a staff with it if you really want the extra experience, otherwise stash it for later.


Same as usual, but use Hobbit > Rage > Hobbit instead, otherwise he might inconvenience you with his own hobbits killing your goblins. You'll need to beat this twelve times to level, so again, just add 5 points to energy. You'll now have 70 Energy. Mastering 2:2 will leave you at level 31, with 65 spare points, and 149,265 gold.


You should have enough spare energy to level before running out of energy, by which time you should have this mission up to 100% or more. This means it gives 50 a win - still not enough, so add another 5 Energy to 75 total.

Oni hits a little harder than the ones previous, but with at least three summons of Goblins or Hobbits with Rage you should beat him soundly.

You should level up about when you master 2:3, leaving you at level 35, with 80 spare points, and 165,225 Gold.

Gird your loins, it's time to go shopping!


Joey presents a bit of a problem, since he's earth element he'll take half damage from hobbits, and even less from your goblins! Now we could just use hobbits to beat him, but that'd take longer, and it's been awhile since we got anything nice.

So, we're going to the village and upgrading the Wind temple to level 4 and buy Warg Riders. This will cost 31,000 Gold, so you'll have plenty left.

  • Note: You can, if you prefer, upgrade it all the way to level 5 and buy White Tigers instead, but be warned, if you are saving your skill points and not adding attack you may not have enough attack in order to make White Tigers faster than Wargs, there is a considerable delay between their attacks so my rule of thumb is if the Tigers don't kill the enemy in one volley of attacks, then use Wargs until you get some more levels or attack.

Now you can equip your Warg Riders and attack Joey. You won't be able to summon them first, but you can: Cast Rage > Summon Warg > Cast Rage > Summon Hobbits.

This will give you a squad of Wargs, which are basically Wind Elemental mega-goblins, and a squad of hobbits to soak up damage for them. You should win in 30 seconds or less.

Once again, you'll probably run out of Energy here after getting 1 Star mastery, so add 5 more energy. 80 total energy now, and 75 points still spare. At 1 star mastery, eight times will be enough to level.

Mastering 2:4 will give you the Invader achievement, and with it, the Holy Spear Argentina, which is useless, just forget you got it.

You should be level 39, with at least 175,000 gold in the bank, and 95 points free.

Now it's time for one of the levels most players get stuck on.


Rhino the Executor. the bane of newbies everywhere. Well, first things first, you should add 5 more energy (85 total). Strategy, since you've done all this prep-work, is simple, just do what you did for 2-4: Rage, Summon Wargs, Rage, Summon Goblins. Rhino never gets a chance to cast his lethal Poison Cloud spell, you win in thirty seconds. Mastering 2-5 will leave you at level 43, with 110 spare points, and about 200k spending money.


Boss mission, and another simple one. As usual, just Rage Wargs, then wait. As soon as your Orange bar is full again, cast Rage. This will keep it active on your first summons. Summon Wargs again as soon as you can. Then wait until your orange bar is full again and cast Rage. Keep this up, and you should win in a minute and a quarter. You should probably level after your first or second fight, and once again, you're going to need energy, and a lot of it, so add 35 points into Energy. You should now have 120 total, and 80 points still spare. Mastering 2-6 will take about half an hour, but by the end of it you'll be level 50, have the "normal gamer" achievement, 260,000+ gold, and 110 spare points.


It's Joey again, so just summon Wargs and Hobbits, just like last time. You should be an expert at getting off instant summons by now.

You should have enough Exp left over from mastering Lutea that you can get to 1 star mastery before levelling up, so no need to add more energy for this level.

Mastery leaves you at level 54, almost 300.000 Gold, and 130 spare points.


Cakewalk again. I shouldn't have to tell you how or what to instant summon to beat him. Once again, you should have enough Exp to level before running out of Energy, and in turn, get to 1 star mastery, which is enough to level again.

Mastery gives: Level 58, 150 spare points, and 326,000 Gold.


Just Hobbits > Rage > Hobbits for this one, he'll just summon Goblins, so it's actually a bit easier and cheaper than using Wargs.

You'll probably run out of energy again here, so just add 10 and it should push you over the edge (130 Energy total).

Mastering 3:3 will leave you at level 62, with 160 spare points - more than you have invested right now, 418k gold, and will probably leave you with about half a full bar of experience - again enough to bring the next mission up to 1 star mastery before levelling up. You'll also pick up the Conqueror achievement and Angel Armour, but there's nothing worth swapping out for it, so ignore it.


By now you're probably feeling a bit unchallenged, don't worry, you'll have a big wake up call in about two missions time, but for now, it's just another easy mastery - just don't use Goblins. Check how much Exp the mission is giving - 96, 100 Exp with your Excalibourne sword equipped. So it's time to increase your energy again - another 15 points will give enough energy to do 3:4 eight times - plenty to keep you levelling without any trouble.

Mastery: Level 67, 170 free points, 450k gold.


Yet another easy one, use Hobbits, since Jack can't hit them easily, and move on. On mastering this you should have the True Champion achievement, 500k Gold+, and be level 71 with 190 spare points.


And here we are, wake-up call time. Barbatos is one biggest challenges of the early game, though if you know how to fight him, he is more annoying than tough. He's resistant against rushing, which is what we've been doing since 1:3 or so, so once again, gonna have to go shopping..

Next, upgrade your Fire Temple to level 3 (7,500 Gold), and buy a Fire Succubi (4,000 Gold). Equip her. Next, upgrade your Thunder Temple to level 3 (7,500 Gold), and buy a witch (3,500 Gold). We won't actually be using the witch though. Finally, upgrade your Monster Lab to level 3 (12,500 Gold), and create the Holy Matriarch (20k gold. You should have plenty of thunder crystals from mastering missions, but if you don't, repeat 3:5 for a bit), and equip her. Yeah, 148,000 Gold. A hefty price tag, but you'll still have 370,000 Gold left at the end of it.

  • Note: For people just joining us for 3:6, you should have equipped at least: 6 Staff of Holy Empire or 5 Staff of Holy Empire and one Holy Sword Excalibourne. Don't got 'em? Go back and master some missions. This is not optional. You should also be about level 70 ideally, but since you've probably be adding a lot more stat points than this guide assumes, you may not need to be so high.
  • You certainly don't need to be level 70 to beat this quest, mostly you just need the gear as the mana + makes your life much easier and the stats aren't bad as far as early game gear is concerned.


First, summon Fire Succubi, and begin to walk, so that Popo always stands just ahead of them. Rage when your Orange bar fills up, and summon Matriarchs when you can. Barbatos will typically summon some skeleton archers, which will start to shoot Popo. Your orange bar should fill up just before your Succubi get into attack range of the archers, so use Rage again, and summon more Succubi. Rage again when your orange bar fills up, and summon another set of Matriarchs. At this point you should have two of each, and Popo should be standing in front of them as they hit Barbatos, just out of range of his tornado (you'll have to keep moving forward against the knockback from the arrows). Rage again, and summon a third squad of succubi. Continue doing this, alternating between Matriarchs and Succubi each summon. Whilst you're taking tiny amounts of damage from the archers, the Matriarchs are hitting for about 300 damage each hit, and hit twice each per attack, whilst the Succubi aren't hitting as hard, but will still do 200 damage each hit, and again, hit twice per attack. About two minutes into the match, after the second squad of Matriarchs get into range and start hitting him, Barbatos should fall over and die.

  • A lot of people just prefer to spam Succubi and that will work just fine, however it is still worth creating Holy Matriarchs as you will need them to make another important unit later on in Chapter 6. Also for future reference, the strategy of moving your hero forward to absorb attacks for your units is often referred to as "tanking".

Rather than be all "just because" about it, here's the tactics behind what you're doing: Whilst Barbatos will usually summon more and more fire archers (which are nothing that Popo can't handle), he'll sometimes summon White Tigers or Wargs against you. The Succubi are there to prevent that - they should keep him from summoning them in the first place, and they should be able to kill them if he does summon them.

Now just because you're beating him doesn't mean we can ignore stats, unfortunately, so put 35 points into Energy, you should have 180 now, and enough to master the mission in about 45 minutes (you are remembering to use double-speed I hope).

Mastering 3-6 will give you a well-deserved level 78, the Annihilator achievement, and 190 points spare. As well as getting you 450k gold again.


Back to the straight and narrow again, have an Oni mission. Goblin > Rage > Goblin, in case you forgot after all those times completing 3-6.

Mastery will leave you at level 82, you shouldn't need any more energy invested at this point.

  • By this point it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade your Water Temple to level 3 and buy Valkyries, they aren't as fast as goblins or hobbits but they are useful for making an important unit in Chapter 5 and if you are tired of using goblins at this point they are a fine replacement on missions with a fire element boss such as Oni.

Remember this guy from 2-5? Yeah, he's easy here too. Warg rush him and move on. Popo gets to rest his feet after all that walking.

Mastery will net you level 87, and the Guardian achievement, you'll have about 600k gold again.


Another easy one, Hobbit rush her, and increase Energy to 200, just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Mastery will net you level 92, 235 Skill Points, and 674k Gold.


Same again, use wargs this time, since Popo (having bad flashbacks?) will jump on hobbits and gobs pretty easily.

Mastery will leave you at level 97, 740k gold, and 265 points unspent. You shouldn't have any trouble with energy.


A bit of a tricksy one here - you'd think, given that he uses so many fire units, that using hobbits and goblins would be the answer, but the best way to beat him is rushing Wargs with a supporting squad of Goblins. They'll kill him just as he's calling up his second set of puppy dragons, which would otherwise be giving your smaller rushers a bad time.

Put in 10 more energy, this should be plenty. (210 total)


This is it, the final boss of the "newbie" chapters. He is what I consider to be the first wall in this game,(not the first major wall, that is in the next Chapter =p) and is the mark for transition from early game into middle game. He isn't super tough but even people that have a good understanding of the game can have some trouble with him if they don't know what to do.

Assuming you are using 6 Staffs of Holy Empire like you have been for quite some time, you have the ability to instantly summon hobbits at the start of the fight, followed by rage and another wave of hobbits. If you do that quickly you should have no trouble getting your hobbits beneath the boss before he can attack them let alone before he can summon goblins to stall them. (If you aren't using the staffs you could struggle getting your hobbits underneath him in which case you may have to risk your hero and tank for your hobbits until they get under the boss.) Eventually you'll probably have 90+ hobbits underneath the boss, so you'll just be casting Rage waiting for your inevitable, and well-earned, victory.

You'll need a total of 250 Energy to keep going without problems, so add 40.

Mastering 4-6 will take awhile to beat, and a few hours to master, so you might want to come back at a later level.

  • (I highly recommend waiting until you have the gear to at least beat 5-6 before mastering this mission.)

Here's where we part ways folks. After you've mastered 4-6 you should have enough cash to upgrade your Market most of the way to level 10 (which is required for some gear you will be needing in Chapter 5) a bunch of unspent skill points, and some real challenges ahead in Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 is going to be a whole lot harder than anything before it, so you'll probably want to take your time and try out the arena, farm up some more gold for equipment and some drops you might have wanted from missions. Here is a list of missions I recommend farming for drops IF you didn't get them while mastering.

  • 1-6: The rare drop of Fire Dragon Wings is one of the required materials to make the Fire Dragon in the level 6 Monster Lab, you will require two of them.
  • 2-3: The rare drop of Fortune Rings can be helpful when you need to farm up gold in Chapter 5, I wouldn't recommend getting any more than two or three of them though.
  • 3-3 The rare drop of Theifs Rings is very helpful when you are trying to farm up other drops whether they be common or rare. Again I would recommend not getting more than two or three though.


Alright, this is where the Beginners Guide ends. The Mid-Game Guide is now completed, if you wish to view it then click the link. If you feel you have the basics down then feel free to go on your own however please do read this last bit of helpful information.


Easy enough, you can master this quickly immediately after 4-6, just summon Warg Riders>Rage and wait. 32 second wins.

Keep going with this one until you get five Ninja Marks. This will probably take you well until after the mission is mastered. * The Ninja Marks are another requirement along with the unit Valkyries for creating the Ninja unit in the level 5 Monster Lab that you will eventually use on 5-6

This is also your main gold farming mission in Chapter 5 which you will be doing plenty of to get the gear you want for 5-6

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