Each Quest must be completed at least once before the next Quest is unlocked.

Every sixth Mission in a Chapter will be a Boss stage, with a unique hero with increased size and aptitudes.

Each mission shares the following characteristics:

Enemy Hero: The hero's name or type.

Enemy Level: The level of the mission hero.

Base Stats: For Bosses only, their unique base statistics.

Aptitude: For Bosses only, their unique aptitudes.

Boss Spells: If different from the base hero, what spells the boss has.

Enemy Units: Which units the hero has equipped.

Enemy Items: Which items the hero has equipped. If any.

Energy Cost: How much energy is required to perform the mission.


  • Common Drop: The White Item given as a mission reward.
  • Rare Drop: The Red item given as a mission reward.


The Exp and Gold reward given at each level of mastery.


Any particular strategies to help in defeating the mission.


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