Cave of Trials 1

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Enemy Hero: Gold Saint Knightmare

Enemy Level: 2,000

Hero Stats: 936,810 HP / 10,534 Att / 6121 Def

Aptitude: 500 / 100 / 100

Boss Spells: Special Attack

Enemy Units:

Gold Knight: Golden Elite Knight.

Gold Paladin: Golden Templar Knight.

Gold Turdzilla: Golden Turdzilla.

Enemy Items: Infinity Blade, True Dragon King Sword II, Ragnarok, Jupiter Shield, Faatality Drink, Dino Steak

BP Cost: 1000 BP.

Exp Reward: 15,000 Exp.

Item Reward: Golden Idol


The strategy for this CoT is similar to the one of 8-6. 4-5 Khronos Shields and a Doping Pill(If high stats with 5 shields) or 1-2 Faatality Drinks/Dragon Steak BBQ(for lower stats, but high cost). The strategy is to spam Twin Diablos that have 6-7k+ Defence, a pretty big amount of HP to avoid being absolutely murdered by Gold Saint's attack at close range (it is quite nasty in close range) and plenty of attack, the more the better. You should usually spam Shield until your Diablos reach the boss' feet(where he can't touch them) and then Rage. Meanwhile, remember to heal just before you send in the next wave of Twin Diablos, as they fully refill your mana when summoned. So, obviously Steel Armoured Popo will work wonders. A problem that often arises is when your Twin Diablos have lackluster attack and can't kill his Paladin's fast enough, giving him the leisure to summon Turdzillas. When Turdzillas get stacked up enough, they push back your Diablos long enough for the Gold Saint's attack to kill them. To avoid this, if you notice that your Diablos don't kill the Paladins fast enough, use Elite Hobbits, as their 30 pop will likely make the boss summon whatever he can(Paladins, if he is below 6 mana, Knights if he is below 3). There is also the by far more expensive method, 6 Dragon Steak BBQ and Twin Diablos, which is not exactly worth it. Finally, at higher levels you can also change your Twin Diablos to Twin Salamanders for a fast win. You can also abuse the "aggressive AI bug" by forcing him to come to your spawn, making him unable to hit anything you spawn, including your hero, and giving you the chance to easily take away 50% of his HP, before he walks away. By that time, you will have gathered a more significant amount of Titans, which will help you get close to him afterwards to finish him off.


Due to the Golden Saint's incredible size, his special attack extends from his starting position to just short of the player's starting position.

All units, and the hero, are Void element.

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