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Cave of Trials 2

Enemy Hero: Shadow Lord

Enemy Level: 3,000

Hero Stats: 1,100,000 HP / 12,000 Att / 9,000 Def

Aptitude: 0 / 0 / 0

Boss Spells: Special Attack, Fire Volcanoz III

Enemy Units:

Shadow Goblin (Ex) - Population 30, Speed 7, True Fire

Phantom Beast (Ex) - Population 12, True Fire

Enemy Items: Staff of Doomsday (x2), Invisible Cloak (x2), ??? Potion

BP Cost: 1,500 BP.

Exp Reward:20,000 Exp.

Item Reward: Black Matter


2x Barbatos King Armour , 3x Khronos Shield. This would give you enough defence and approximately 25 minutes to complete it.

You need something fast and powerful to get to the blind spot under him. Terror Bajaj's are ideal since Khronos Shields give bonuses to Earth. Goal is to get under him to the blind spot. Wolves and goblins should not be too much of a problem. Avoid Shadow Lord's devastating special attacks. he heals 10x the hp of anything he kills with any normal attack.

This should do it. Good Luck!


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