Epic War Saga The End Of Hope

Enemy Name: Nemesis

Enemy Hero: The End Of Hope

Enemy Level: 9,999

Hero Stats: 20,000,000 HP / 150,000 Att / 90,000 Def

Aptitude: 0 / 0 / 0

Boss Spells: Special Attack, Spirit Bomb.

Info: ???

Element: Void

Size: Huge


Enemy Units:Shadow Goblin (EX)*, Fallen Angel+ Fire Dragon Igniz+, Black Dragon Zero+, Aeon+.

Enemy Items: True Dragon King Sword II (x2) , Armor of Darkness (x2), Faatality Drink (x2).

BP Cost:  5,000

Exp Reward: 70,000  

Item Reward: Rate Stone

Strategy: The main thing you gotta do is kill the enemy Igniz+ then get 90 raged ninjas under the boss and preferably get your hero under the boss too. After that, it is just a matter of time.

With Holy Angel Seraphiel use Ninja+ 6. First kill his Igniz+ with Ice Blaster II  while spamming ninja+. Just keep spamming ninja+ while avoiding his special attack while you get under him quick you should be good. At a level somewhere around 1200 you may need 6 Dragon Steak BBQs. At higher levels you don't need as many Dragon Steak BBQs.

With Khronos use Ninja+, Dragon Warrior+(or Lamia+), and Valkyrie+. Use 1 wave of Dragon Warrior(or Lamia)+ right at the beginning and then spam Valkyrie+ and rage as you walk under the boss when your Dragon Warriors start attacking Igniz. When Igniz is dead just keep spamming Ninja+ and rage while you are under the boss. This can be done around level 3000 with 6 Dragon Steak BBQs. If you give him the chance to use a second Igniz or a second Spirit Bomb you are pretty much as good as dead.

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