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Where to Obtain: Blacksmith level 9.

Cost: Epic Blade(x5), Epic Blade II(x5), Epic Stone(x10), 1.000.000 gold OR 1.600 crystals

Type: Equipment

The Total Price: 314,000 Gold for 5x Epic Blade, 3,070,000 Gold for 5x Epic Blade II, 1,000,000 Gold to combine them in the Blacksmith, plus the time it takes to gain 300x Iron Ore, 270x Gold Ore, 50x Moon Stone and 20x Epic Stone.

314,000 + 3,070,000 + 1,000,000 = 4,384,000


HP: 600

Atk: 800

Def: 200


Gold+ L

Mana+ M

Used in one recipe:

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