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Element: Void

Bought From: Castle Throne lvl 1

Cost: 15,000

Type: Hero


Grullborg In-Game

HP - 5800 (+3.05 per level)

Atk - 130 (+0.55 per level)

Def - 15 (+0.55 per level)

Move Speed - 1.2

Additional Information


HP - 305%

Atk - 55%

Def - 55%


Special Attack (Level 1) Cost 1

Rage (Level 5) Cost 2

Fire Volcanoz (Level 5) Cost 2

Shield (Level 5) Cost 2

Fire Volcanoz II (Level 30) Cost 3


Green Ork Lord

Good: Cheapest hero, his support spells will offer you a varied spectrum of possibilities to overcome your enemy if you are able to combine the shield and rage spells, making him a good hero to fight foes stronger than you that rely on tanking or rushing tactics.

Bad: Lowest stats of all heroes, weak attacking spells, just able to perform a good fight with 100% profite of his army, not good as meat shield or to attack enemy units.

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