Gungnir EWS

Where to Obtain: Blacksmith Level 4, 1 x for completing the achievement "I'm King".

Costs: 5 x Staff of Holy Empire, 3 x Apocalypse Spear, 1 x Gaea Bolga, 35,000 Gold or 500 Crystals.

Type: Equipment.

The Total Price: 30,000 Gold for 5 x Staff of Holy Empire, 27,000 for 3 x Apocalypse Spear, 250 Crystals for 1 x Gaea Bolga, 35,000 Gold to combine the items into a Gungnir. This item is currently only available to craft with Crystals, it used to be 2 x Gaea Bolga (which would be 500 Crystals) but now it's only 1 (which is 250 crystals). In the future there may come a way to get multiple of these without using any crystals at all.

30,000 Gold + 27,000 Gold + 35,000 Gold + 250 Crystals = 92,000 Gold + 250 Crystals. (Version 1.57)


Hp: 260

Atk: 295

Def: 50





God Spear.

Gungnir (Old Norse "swaying one") is the spear of the God Odin.

Used in one recipe:

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