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Where to Obtain: "Overlord" achievement. (x1), Blacksmith level 10

Cost: (Blacksmith): True Dragon King Sword II(x5), Eternal Fire(x20), Epic Stone(x20), 6.000.000 gold OR 8000 crystals

Type: Equipment.

Total Price: 17,570,000 to make 5x True Dragon King Sword II, 6,000,000 to combine them in the Blacksmith, plus the time to get 600x Gold Ore, 450x Platinum Ore, 50x Demon Stone, 20x Eternal Fire and 70x Epic Stone.

17,570,000 + 6,000,000 = 23,570,000


Hp: 1,000

Atk: 1,150

Def: 500


Mana+ L

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