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Element: Void

Bought From: Castle Throne Level 6

Cost: 1,800 Crystal

Type: Hero


Khobbit The Spartan In-Game

HP - 2,500 (+2.2 per level)

Atk - 130 (+0.4 per level)

Def - 20 (+0.5 per level)

Move Speed - 5.0


HP - 220%

Atk - 40%

Def - 50%


Special Attack (Level 1) Cost - 1 

Heal (Level 2) Cost - 2 

Rage (Level 5) Cost - 2 

Shield (Level 5) Cost - 2 

Rain of Arrow (Level 12) Cost - 2 


Descendant from Hobbit Sage, fast runner.

Being the 3rd fastest hero in this game (Seraphiel is fastest) (even faster than phantom beasts), he is the 2nd best to 'manually' use during quests with a lot of dodging possibilities. For example he could get in range of fire and go back to prevent being hit in a matter of seconds. He is not a good meat shield like Popo thought, so don't expect to use him for that purpose.

NOTE: Khobbit has low HP so he is weak to fast units rushing at him.

like a mini sera.

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