come lolAlright, welcome to my Mid-Game Guide (made by FenixNova in case anyone is interested). This Guide will cover Chapter 5 through 8. Unlike the Beginners Guide I will not tell you how to allocate your stats, you should have the basics of that down from reading (and hopefully following) the Beginners Guide. This guide is mostly the tactics you want to use for the missions as well as what equipment you will want to be farming up.

Quick Notes

Before we get started I just want to get a couple things out of the way.

  1. This guide isn't perfect and I won't claim that it is the absolute only way to go about things, if you want to do things differently then go ahead, however the strategies listed here are under the assumption you are following the guide.
  2. Those of you that are going to complain about all the farming and ask, "Isn't there an easier way?" yes there probably are "easier" ways however I will explain the reasoning behind every suggestion I make so at least read that before calling me an idiot.

Chapter 5

Alright, so hopefully you have 6 Staff of Holy Empire, those have probably served you well for the first 4 Chapters and will again serve you well here, however this is the chapter where you will start to have to grind for new units and equipment, it can be a little overwhelming at first but it really isn't that bad once you know what you need to, which is why you are here. =)

Quest 5-1

For this quest all you need to do is summon Wargs and Rage, that is all. Khobbit should die in about 30 seconds or so. (game time) Now obviously you will want to master this mission, so proceed to kick his hobbit butt 29 more times and check how many Ninja Marks you have gotten, with any luck you have one or two of them. You will need 5 in order to make Ninja Assassins . Click the link to learn how/where to get them.

You will probably have to continue doing this mission long after you have mastered it to get the Ninja Marks you need, but the Ninja is the main unit you will be using in Quest 5-6 so you definitely want to get them.

Quest 5-2

Rhino again eh? Well he's a bit stronger this time at least, just use Warg>Rage>Goblins at the start of the battle. The goblins can't do as much damage as the wargs but with any luck they will take a few hits for them so your wargs can kill him without interuption. Another 30 second or so win, easy peasy. Repeat 29 times for mastery and move on.

Quest 5-3

Oh joy, another recycle. Hello Salamander King. For this mission we will be changing from our normal rushing tactic. For this we want to use... Fire Succubi. I know, you are probably saying "Why are you using a fire unit against a Fire boss?" Well, if you check the bosses stats carefully (hover your mouse over his portrait) you will notice that he in fact is not a Fire element, he is void. So succubi will not do half damage to him, they will do their full damage. As for his units, even if the succubi don't kill them, their attack has a tendency to launch them up into the air so they don't have much opportunity to attack you. Just spam succubi and rage and this is done.

Now the succubi spam is plenty effective for beating it, however it isn't exactly what I would call quick. So at this point you get to make a decision for yourself. Either you can master 5-3 using succubi or, you can wait until you have ninjas and some of the gear you will be wanting for 5-6. Your call, if you do want to wait but are wondering when might be a good time to go ahead and master it, scroll down to the end of 5-5 to the section I labeled Grinding Time.

Quest 5-4

Finally something we haven't seen before! (Sorry I just get tired of the recycled bosses sometimes) Now then this guy is a pain while you are using 6 Staff of Holy Empire. They have served us well but now the fact that we bought them way back in Chapter 1 is going to start showing.

OmniKnights special attack has decent range on it and he spams ranged units as well, so unless you can kill his units faster than he can kill yours, ranged units are out of the picture. Unfortunately up close to him is also where his attack is strongest, so what do you do? The simplest way to beat this guy is to create the Fire Dragon unit in the lab. Even with 6 Staffs it will take a little while for you to build up the mana to summon him (like maybe 3-4 seconds), but once you do he should take care of the rest. You will probably want to summon at least 2 of them, I remember when I was doing this mission the first dragon tended to die before the boss was completely dead, but two or three dragons will finish this mission with relative ease.

Again as with 5-3 you can now decide to either master 5-4 using Fire Dragons, or you can wait a little while until you have better gear, your call.

Quest 5-5

The one boss I will always hate regardless of how strong I become... Popo... again. This mission is a major pain the behind. He has Pegasus Knights , which you have never seen before but they are magic units that can both knock your units back and shock them.(Which will stop them from moving.) He also has the dreaded Twin Diablos (Ex) which can destroy you if you aren't prepared for them. The difference between the normal Twin Diablos and the (Ex) version is that the (Ex) version only costs 4 bars to summon and it is not available for players to get.

  • Pegasus Knights may be called Pegs from here on out if I decide to be lazy.
  • Twin Diablos may be called Diablos, again if I decide to be lazy.

First things first though, he will start off with Pegasus at the start of the battle. There are two ways to deal with them, a direct way and a little trick to get around them. The first and most commonly mentioned strategy on the Kong chat at least is to kill them with a wave or two of Gorillas . Now even with Gorillas being Earth and Pegs being Thunder they can still die very easily, so you will probably have to walk Popo up in front of the Gorillas to take a few hits. It is kind of risky and you can die very quickly if you aren't paying attention to the damage you are taking. If you get anywhere close to half health, run like mad to the left. Now after your two waves of Gorillas you will want to start summoning succubi. The point to them is their attack hits twice and they will stay outside the range of his tornadoes. Eventually Popo will just spam dwarf shooters which are wind element and will crumble from a succubi attack.

The tricky way to get around the Pegasus is a little bit different and might require a little bit of practice. What you have to do is a somewhat advanced tactic called "Summon Canceling". Basically, when you summon a unit right at the start of battle before the AI can do anything if you summon certain units it can cause the AI to completely change it's strategy, in this case it will summon something other than Pegasus Knights to start the battle.

  • Note: In order to summon a unit fast enough to perform a Summon Cancel, you have to be using the hotkeys for units. (q,w,e,r,t,y,u) If you are clicking the unit portraits in battle to summon them then you can not summon them fast enough to perform this technique.

So what you want to do is as soon as the battle starts, summon Dwarf Shooters, if done correctly Popo will then counter by summoning his own Dwarf Shooters. Voila! You have by-passed his Pegs altogether, then just succubi spam.

If on the off chance you didn't kill some of his units fast enough and he saved up enough mana to actually summon his Twin Diablos, you might have some problems. However being Earth element the Elf Rangers you started the game with have an advantage over them, so summon 2 or 3 waves of Elf Rangers or Centaur Archers and you should be alright. If the Twin Diablos still crushes you all I can really say is skip ahead to Grinding Time.

I would absolutely recommend waiting until you have better gear to master this mission.

Grinding Time

This is it, the moment everybody absolutely hates but everyone has to go through. You may or may not have struggled a bit with 5-4 and 5-5 depending on how well you executed the strategies given to you, but you most likely have noticed the sharp increase in the time it takes to beat missions. In order to beat 5-6 the six Staff of Holy Empires that you have simply will not get the job done. There are three things you will want in order to beat 5-6

Now, after clicking those links to find out what those things are, I'm sure some people are shaking their heads and saying I'm crazy. You will need to get your Market up to level 10 to buy those items, which does cost a bit of gold. After that the cost for an AoD is 400k gold and a Dime will cost you 700k gold. Seems like a crazy amount doesn't it? Well it isn't as bad as you think. Also if you skipped down here from the earlier missions to see what equipment you want before mastering them I shall list my recommendations right here.

  • 5-3 you probably want either 1 AoD or 1 Dime, then just ninja spam the mission, if it still isn't faster than succubi then use 1 Aod and 1 Dime.
  • 5-4 you probably just want 1 Dime here, it should sufficiently boost your Fire Dragon to the point that he can clear the mission by himself with ease. Alternatively if you would like a faster win you can use 1 AoD and 1 Dime and use Ninjas instead.
  • 5-5 right now the fastest way you have to kill him is simply succubi spam, but to do it with just succubi you will probably need 1 AoD and 1 Dime at the least, perhaps even 1 AoD and 2 Dimes. You may also wish to purchase Steel Armored Popo for this mission and use Ice Blaster 2 to kill him, however you will still need at least the same gear if not better to do it that way as well.

Now you might be wondering why I would have you spend so much time to farm up these "expensive" items. There are after all other items you could get, some combination of other equips and maybe even consumables. Everything I recommend to you however will either be very useful for a long time, or will be made into an even better item down the line. Also, all of the farming for the gold you will need to buy these items will result in you leveling up. Now you might not have bothered to pay attention to the level of the enemies because you were destroying everything in 30 seconds or less up till now but when you first arrive at Chapter 5 you are probably going to be below level 100, all of the enemies in Chapter 5 are between levels 150-250. If you add the gear that the enemies use on top of that, you will start to see that difficulty is going to start ramping up here a bit. Thus why you will be getting much better gear.

So, I just need to get 1 of each of those right? Wrong. To beat 5-6 you will need Ninjas and some combination of 3 AoD's and Dimes along with 3 Staffs. Now for the fight itself it doesn't matter whether you have 2 Dimes and 1 AoD or 2 AoD and 1 Dime. However for the sake of future farming I would highly recommend you get 2 Dimes first and then 1 AoD. The reason for getting 2 Dimes and for getting them first is quite simple, they have Gold + S on them. What does that do? Well it will increase the gold you gain for each mission by 5% per Dime you have equipped. While that itself isn't immensely helpful (at least not if you took the time to farm some Fortune Rings before starting Chapter 5) the fact that not only do you get the gold + but you also get a weapon that will add some considerable power to your units for this point in the game, makes them a very valuable buy.

Now, on to the farming. First of I will tell you the one rule you absolutely should never break when farming no matter how much you might think it would be a good idea. Always have enough Mana + to instantly summon whatever unit you are using to farm a mission at the start of battle. I know some people might be tempted at this point to go into 5-1 with 1 Staff and 5 Fortune rings or something, but even with the extra gold you would gain from the mission, the time you lose because you don't have enough mana + to summon wargs instantly actually ends up with you getting less gold over time. That being said if you want gold it isn't a bad idea at this point to go back to 5-1 and use 4 Staffs and 2 Fortune Rings, that should net you a nice 4k per battle. So if you are managing about 2 battles a minute(if you either aren't using 2x speed or can't) that is 8k per minute, so only an hour and a half of farming for a single Dime.(45 minutes roughly if you are using 2x speed) See, that isn't that bad =)

Last thing, you might wonder, why do 5-1 instead of something like 5-2? Well, the main reason is the drops, Iron ore is certainly a more useful common drop, but at this point you won't do anything useful with it. Boomerangs are only used for a unit that you'll never use in battle. However if you scroll down on the Ninjas wiki page you will notice that there is an upgraded version of the Ninja that requires 40 Ninja Marks. Yes, that isn't a typo it says 40. Luckily for you that isn't something you are going to need or want until long after you have gone through everything this guide has to offer you, but you will thank yourself later if you happen to have 10-20 Ninja Marks already when you do want to get them.

Quest 5-6

Alright, got your equipment set up? (I recommended 2 Dimes, 1 AoD and 3 Staffs if you forgot already) I certainly hope so, because compared to the bosses you have fought before, this guy is a beast. (no pun intended) So you might have wondered why I recommended Ninjas for 5-6, well the reason is this boss. He likes to use the Poison Cloud spell, which thankfully Ninjas are highly resistant to so they can take it. The main reason you need all the gear is because the boss will also use Ninjas, their stats are 3191/847/220. That is HP/Attack/Defense, with the gear you should have grinded up your Ninjas should have higher stats and thus they will be able to take out his without too much difficulty. So all you need to do is spam Ninjas and rage and this should be over after a couple minutes.

Now after you have beaten it you might be wondering, should I master this mission now? The answer is simply no. The final missions of chapters are designed to be roadblocks that are hard to get past(at least from chapter 4 onwards), so they will always take a good amount of time to beat for the first time. However if you wait to master them until you have advanced another chapter or two you will find when you come back that your higher level and stats plus any better gear you might have grinded up will make coming back to those fights a piece of cake. So for that reason I would wait until you beat 6-6 or even get to 7-6 before coming back to master this mission.

At this point feel free to master 4-6 if you haven't already, using your Dimes, AoD's and Staffs along with ninjas you should beat that mission fairly quickly now.

Chapter 6

Alright before we get started with Chapter 6 there are a few things I'd like to lay out. Firstly, did you enjoy your grinding time? Probably not, but there is more to come. That was merely your introduction. On the bright side, gold will be much easier to get now, 5-1 only gives 3360 gold when fully mastered, 6-1 will give you 6400 gold when fully mastered, yea thank god. xD 

Secondly there are a few items you will want to start working towards and in my opinion the sooner you get started the easier it will be to get them. I want to stress that I'm not saying you have to get these before moving on, just that you should start looking at what you need to make them and consider farming some of those things as many of them are drops in Chapter 6. Those items are 2 Barbatos King Armor aka BKA , 2 Khronos Shield's,11 Cosmic Blade's, 6 Angel Slayer's aka AS , and you will probably get more Dimes and AoD's. The Cosmic Blades are mostly to make Angel Slayers and then later on to make some Demon Sword Laevatine's aka DSL, laevs. But those require Epic Stones so you won't be worrying about those until Chapter 10 and 11. Also I will expect that you buy Steel Armored Popo at some point in this chapter, he is a bit more useful than normal Popo that we have been using and will come in handy soon enough. Now then, on to the missions.

Quest 6-1

The recycled bosses never end, well then lets kill Lutea again. She is pretty easy really, using your 5-6 gear and Ninjas with rage will kill her between 30 seconds and a minute. The important thing to note here is the drops, Meteorites are common and you will need plenty of those for Cosmic Blades and for one of the materials for BKA's the Bi-Man Battle Suit. The rare drop is Angel Stones, which are required to make Angel Slayers. Since you need both of the materials here this is an excellent mission to do any gold farming you might need to do for more Dimes or AoD's or anything else you might want. I wouldn't worry about getting all of the Meteors and Angel Stones you need for all of the gear I mentioned above but I would probably try to get at least 20-30 Meteorites and 5-10 Angel stones while you are in Chapter 6. You can come back to farm it later but if you can get that before leaving Chapter 6, you won't have to come back for quite as much farming.

Quest 6-2

Oh look the robot has upgrades, well then lets bash Robo Jack. Again using your 5-6 gear with Ninjas and rage he is very simple and will die pretty quickly. This mission isn't quite as nice as 6-1 since the common drop of Lombok is pretty useless however you will be farming it a LOT for the Demon Stones. Each BKA that you want to make will require 11 Demon Stones to create the materials and then the item itself. I would try to get 11 before leaving Chapter 6.

Quest 6-3

Oh my god, a new boss!? Yay! Sadly she is just as easily overwhelmed by Ninjas as the previous two missions so let loose your Ninja horde. No really significant drops here so just master the mission and move on.

Quest 6-4

Freya, the lovely queen of the sky, I'm afraid you must die. (Sorry I'm a little bored so I made a rhyme) She uses ninjas herself which is kind of annoying so you have two choices, you can either just spam your ninjas which should be stronger anyway or you can mix in some valkyries to help take them out a little faster. Either way shouldn't take you too long to beat her to death. This mission is another great one for farming, once fully mastered you get 8,000 gold per mission out of it and it drops two materials that you will need. The common drop of Moonstones are needed to make laevs, Epic Blade II, and Bi-Man Battle Suits. You can get them else where but it's nice to get a supply of them early on so you don't have to go back and farm them later.

More importantly the rare drop is Pegasus Wings, if you clicked on the link in Quest 5-5 above to look at the Pegasus Knight unit then you already know you need 7 of these things to make the unit yourself in the lab. You will definitely want to do that as they are a great unit for several missions and are vital for Cave of Trials 5 (cot5). You will definitely want to get those before moving on.

Quest 6-5

Khobbit is back for more and he has new toys as well. This is probably the first mission you will see the shadow goblins, they are a true_fire unit so unless you use wind units they will only do 1% damage to your units and are basically just something to delay you. For that reason Ninja spam will destroy this mission just as easily as everything else. (Chapter of the Ninjas anyone?) No drops of significance here so just master it and move on.

Quest 6-6

Alrighty, thankfully there isn't any need for extended grinding this time so no Grinding Time section. Firstly I would like to thank Vegito for telling me about a side effect of using Pegs on this mission. Now the gear you will want to use is 2 AoD's 2 Dimes and 2 Staff of Holy Empire. You should have enough gold to buy the new AoD just from mastering and farming the previous missions but if you don't then go ahead and do so. You will also need to buy succubi if you don't already have them and make Pegs in the monster lab.

Now then you want to start the battle summoning Pegs, the point of using Pegs here is that if you use them and keep your population of units up he will mostly spam goblins for the entire battle. Which is a good thing because the Divine Angel (Ex) that he would use otherwise are fairly strong and make the battle much harder. Summon a second wave of Pegs and after that switch to spamming succubi, if your population starts getting more than 10 or 20 lower than his summon another wave of Pegs to balance it out. The succubi can attack the boss outside of his range so eventually they should pile up and create a wall of fire under him that his goblins just run into and die.

The quest takes awhile to beat at this point, so the Angel Wings that are the common drop here and one of the materials for Angel Slayers are probably not a good idea to farm for right now. If you want to farm for the 5 wings you will need for at least 1 Angel Slayer you could do that, however I would wait until you are around level 500+ before farming for them seriously.

Chapter 7

Alright then, before we move on to the Chapter 7 quests I need to mention a few things. Firstly now that you have Pegs and have beaten 6-6 you should be ready to take on your first Cave of Trials (Cot for short). The easiest of them is Cot 5. All you need for it is a Doping pill, a Dragon Egg and your attack equips. I did it myself at level 281 with the pill, egg, 3 dimes and some random spear I got from an achievement. It took me a little over 20 minutes but depending on your gear your time may vary. All you have to do is start with pegs and then either rage with goblins to stall a bit or you can use Steel Armored Popo's special attack to delay the goblins a bit. After that you just spam pegs and rage to beat it.

If you don't care about things like efficiency feel free to skip this paragraph. Now then one thing that is note worthy here in Chapter 7 is that 7-1 and 7-2 are the two single most efficient missions when it comes to gold and exp per energy you spend. Now what does that mean for you? That means that farming 7-1 will get you about as much gold per level up as you can possibly get, and that it's pretty much one of the best missions to farm in the game once you see the drops as well. You will need a good bit of gold to make the things you will be needing for Chapter 8's final mission so do take the opportunity and farm up some gold. At this point I would suggest your energy be around 700 just for the sake of making farming a little easier, however at this point in the game you want to dial back your spending towards energy and start putting as many points as you can into attack.

Quest 7-1

If you are afraid of clowns, try closing your eyes for this one. That's right we have to fight a clown. However he isn't that hard to beat, just take your ninja rushing tactics from Chapter 6 and apply them here and he will die fairly quickly. Now then if you read the paragraph above you already know this is pretty much the most efficient mission in the game, the next is slightly better for exp and gold but the drops are complete crap. Here you can finally get Gold ore as a common drop which is awesome, you'll be needing some of that to make the Khronos Shields you will be wanting in Chapter 8. The rare drop is Platinum ore, now you can get plat as a common on 5-5 but even at this point you won't be beating that very quickly (if you want the easiest way to beat it at this point I would just peg spam it.) so you can get gold, gold ore and plat ore all from farming this one mission. That is an efficient use of your time my friends =D

Quest 7-2

Sir George Lancelot? Ok works for me. This is the first time we've seen this guy, he has a sort of interesting attack but he's all flash and no bang. Just ninja rush him and he'll die quickly enough. If for some reason you don't have either the Fire Dragon or Twin Salamander units then this is a good mission to farm as the drops are exclusively for making those units. If you already have them, just master it and move on.

Quest 7-3

Oh hey, the lady riding the elephant is back, well you know the routine by this point. Ninjas, Rage, wait for death. No stellar drops here though you need the Ancient Tusks to make Warg Rider + in the level 10 Lab, they aren't a unit we will be using much anymore but if you want them for your collection then start farming otherwise master the mission and move on.

Quest 7-4

Wow, we haven't seen this guy in awhile, he is still no match for us though. More ninja spam will result in a very dead Viegraff. Now if you were planning on getting Igniz at any point then you will probably want to farm this mission for the rare drop Viegraff Sword. You need a bunch of them to upgrade him to Igniz +. Otherwise, master it and move on.

Quest 7-5

Oh god, popo why can't you just stay dead? Sadly he is even stronger than he was on 5-5 so ninja rushing him will not work very well and since he tends to like spamming Boomerang Men , pegs are pretty much out as well. So for this mission you want to pull out the old succubi spam, it isn't fast but it gets the job done. (I was only around level 300 or so at this point so if you are considerably higher level feel free to try some rushing tactics.) No significant drop here, unless you want to make Black Dragon Zero + for some odd reason in which case you'll be wanting Popo Helmets, so again master the mission and move on.

Grinding Time

Alrighty then, hopefully you already farmed up the Demon Stones you need to make a BKA in Chapter 6. At this point I highly recommend farming up the gold and buying the other items you need to make at least 1 BKA. It isn't necessary for this last mission however it will save you a lot of grief and just make things so much easier in general. The Mana + L on a BKA is equivalent to the Mana + S on 3 AoD's, so with a single BKA you'll have a much easier time fitting in the mana + that you need to summon units and getting the dimes you want for attack power.(Not to mention they have thunder + S which is great since we will be using pegs again.) Speaking of Dimes if you don't have at least 3 by now this is a good time to get them and you can grab a 4th if you want as well. (You won't be needing any more than 4 Dimes for anything though so don't go crazy.)

Quest 7-6

Wow, this guy looks awesome! He is a pretty bad dude at this point in the game and can do some major damage to you but never fear there is most certainly a way to beat him. Ok all witty banter aside this guy is pretty easy if you know what to do. There are a couple ways to go about beating him the way I would recommend is killing him from a distance. All you have to do is spam pegs and he will die, eventually. The reason you want to use pegs is because the guys special attack is a fire tornado that he makes by spinning around rapidly, the attack will also move him forward. For this reason having a bunch of units that can knock back enemy units and the boss himself is great so he doesn't run into you and start spinning on your head until you die. If for some reason you don't want to use Pegs or are just bored and want to try having some fun you can also use Cursed Pirates as they also have knockback.

The other way you can beat him is by using a fire/burn resistant unit such as Dragon Warriors , you could also try Lamias however they aren't immune to burn like Dragon Warriors so they might die when going toe to toe with the boss. If you have enough attack then this strategy works pretty well but if you don't the boss can very easily end up spinning right through your units and killing you so I wouldn't recommend it for the first time certainly.

Nothing special here as far as drops, at least not in the sense that you can't get the stuff elsewhere. After you beat this mission you might want to go back and master 5-6. I would recommend using a BKA, 1 AoD and 4 Dime axes to really give your ninjas the power they need to cut him down to size.

Chapter 8

Alright folks we have reached the final chapter that this guide will be covering, there isn't a whole lot left to cover so this should be nice and short. Hopefully you have gotten enough money from mastering missions to make yourself at least 1 BKA, all the strategies here will be assuming you have at least 1 so if you are having a hard time doing what I did and you don't have a BKA then that is probably why.

Quest 8-1

Omni Knight, he wasn't satisfied with dying only once but that is fine. He starts off with dragon warriors which will pwn any ninjas you summon so I found it much easier to peg spam him to death. You might be able to mix in ninjas after the dragon warriors are dead and kill him a little bit faster but that's up to you. No drops of significance here so just master and move on.

Quest 8-2

Remember how nice it was when you got SAP? Well now he's trying to kill you. You might think that Ice Blaster II would be a problem for ninjas but it actually isn't. He will summon his War Tanks to start and then use IB2 immediately so that he can summon Dwarf Shooters. Since SAP doesn't jump he can't hit the ninjas up close to him unless he uses IB2 and as long as you keep spamming them he will never save up that much mana. Common drop is useless but Titanium Ore is useful in a few things, Cosmic Blades and Khronos Shields are the most notable things you will need it for. There are better missions to farm for Titanium later on, but at least for the moment you will need 4 in order to make the 2 Khronos Shields you will be making later on. 8-4 also has Titanium as a rare drop so hopefully between mastering this and that mission you will get what you need.

Quest 8-3

Oh joy it's the dragon knight guy again. This time he has some decent units though, don't start off with ninjas otherwise he will summon Twin Salamander (EX) and kill them. You want to start with Pegs, that way he will summon Templar Knights instead. Once he summons those go ahead and summon ninjas. The ninjas will take care of the Templars and your Pegs will probably kill Lancelot, you may or may not need to summon a 2nd wave of ninjas to finish him off depending on your attack. If for some reason you haven't farmed the Earth Dragon Crystals yet to make Twin Diablos do so now, otherwise master it and move on.

Quest 8-4

Viegraff the Red, his name should be Viegraff the Dead. Ninja rush and he will die, it's not as fast as it used to be since he summons Phantom Beasts and Shadow Goblins to slow your ninjas down, but he is still no match for ninjas. The common drop here is Dragon Eggs, assuming you have already done cot5 (Cave of Trials 5) you should know what they do and how useful they can be, you should get more than you will ever need just from mastering this mission. As mentioned above the rare drop is Titanium, if you didn't get 4 between mastering 8-2 and this mission, I would prefer to farm this mission for the extra gold and a common drop that is actually useful for something.

Quest 8-5

The Mighty Ghatotkacha? Ok, that name is too long, Ghato it is. This guy is a major pain in the butt, mainly because if you look at his stats before fighting him he has a lot more hp and defense than the guys you just went through to get here. He will start with full mana, now what you want to do is not summon anything right away. Start walking SAP over toward the boss, he should summon Twin Salamanders as well as some Boomerang Men. Once you are close enough you want to use IB2 on the dragons and make sure they are dead(if they aren't spaced closely enough use a 2nd IB2 on the 2nd Dragon), then summon ninjas. Keep walking over to the boss, once you are close up to him he can't hit you. The thing you have to do is keep IB2'ing his units to kill them. If the boomerang men build up behind him they tend to knock your ninjas back enough so that they are in range of the boss's attack again. Once you have around 50 or 60 ninjas beating on the boss it should be safe to switch to raging your ninjas.

Given his increased defense and hp from the previous bosses we have fought in this chapter he isn't going to go down quickly. (I managed to kill him in about a minute and a half.) That being said I'll leave it up to you if you want to master this mission now or wait till you are a little bit stronger. You should have all the meteors you need from farming 6-1 but this is the first mission you can get Prism Stones from which are used in making Invisibility Cloaks . However this is not the mission I would recommend farming them from.

Grinding Time

I know, you are groaning about farming, but honestly that is what this game is all about so here is some more of it. I got lucky and after I mastered 8-5 had all the money I needed in order to make my 2nd BKA. At that point most of my farming was done with 2 BKA 3 Dimes and a thief ring. It wouldn't be a bad idea at this point to get a 4th Dime axe, you get gold + from it and the extra stats that it provides can actually allow you to try new farming strategies on some of the older missions.

One such strategy is the Double Ice Blaster II. Basically all you do is walk forward with SAP ignoring any units the boss may summon. Once you get in range to hit the boss with an IB2 you use one and then summon a unit, that transfers energy back to your spell bar and you can cast IB2 again. Doing this rapidly is the Double IB2. Now a word of warning when using IB2, the spell can only hit up to 16 targets at one time. So if the boss is surrounded by lots of small units (Shadow Goblins for example) it is possible that your IB2 might not hit him at all. For that reason this strategy is best used on enemies that don't spam high population units. Later on when you get Seraphiel the units they summon isn't as big an issue since she can teleport you can often Double IB2 the boss before any units are even close to the boss anyway.

So then at this point you will probably just need to farm up a 2nd BKA if you don't have it already as I did, then you want to farm up 2 Khronos Shields. The main item you need for that is just some shields you buy in the market for 300k each as well as another shield you make which also requires shields in the market that you can purchase for some small amount of gold, as well as some gold ore. Given that you need gold ore I would farm 7-1 a good bit and if you don't have the Titanium you already need then 8-4 will also be something you will want to farm.

Quest 8-6

This is the quest straight from hell. No joke this is probably the 2nd hardest quest in the game, it can be made easier if you know what to do however so lets get to it. For this mission you will want to have your 2 BKA, 2 Dimes and 2 Khronos Shields equipped, also you will want to have Twin Diablos on whichever key you prefer. Now there are two ways to go about this mission, the first is the traditional way of actually killing BDZ (Black Dragon Zero ). I prefer that method since it feels kind of cheap to completely bypass it. The second way is to summon cancel BDZ and avoid him altogether. I will explain the traditional way first and the bypass in the paragraph after.

Alright so much like 8-5 start moving SAP forward asap. Hopefully you will be able to get in range to hit both the boss and BDZ with your IB2. Once you have hit BDZ at least summon Twin Diablos. With any luck BDZ will have frozen, if not unleash your second IB2 on him and retreat a little ways back. The whole point of this is to delay and weaken BDZ until your Twin Diablos can get out onto the field where they can hit him without BDZ hitting you. So keep delaying him as much as possible, when you don't have energy for IB2 just stand still until he starts his attack animation and then run out of the way of the attack (this might be harder if you are using 2x speed so not using it is probably a good idea until BDZ is dead). With any luck your Twin Diablos will get close enough to BDZ to start attacking him, at this point you want to rage your Diablos. If you delayed and weakened him enough your Diablos should be able to take care of BDZ. At that point the hard part is over, all you have to do is continue summoning Twin Diablos and using Rage and Heal (to keep your first few diablos alive as they probably took a couple hard hits from BDZ before he went down) and eventually you will get the boss pinned in the corner and begging for mercy.

Now then if you want to bypass BDZ completely here is how. Basically all you have to do is summon a fire unit as soon as the battle starts, this will make the AI summon Lava Golems instead of BDZ. I have tested this with Twin Salamander and at the suggestion of Vegito I tried Ninjas and I know that both of these work for certain, however it likely works with just about any fire unit. Once you have summon canceled BDZ you just need to spam Twin Diablos like in the strategy above.

Hurray! You have now beaten one of the hardest missions in the game. Mastering this mission right now certainly won't be fast, but honestly it isn't going to get much faster until you are much higher level anyway. However it is up to you if you want to master it now or wait until a later time. The common isn't really worth farming and there are better missions to get prism stones from so once you master it you will never have to do it again xD

Final Notes

Alright so now that you have beaten 8-6 this guide is technically over, however there are few more tidbits of information I would like to give you folks. First off if you will remember I gave you a list of item to farm for in Chapter 6. At this point you should already have the 2 BKA and the 2 Khronos shields. What that leaves is the Cosmic Blades and Angel Slayers. Now Cosmic Blades aren't that bad at this point, it requires platinum you can get from 5-5 and 7-1, meteorites from 6-1 and titanium ore. Now at this point I would suggest you try to get through Chapter 9 as quickly as you can for one main reason. 10-1 has Titanium Ore as a common drop as well as Prism Stones as a rare drop. This was the main mission I farmed for my Prism Stones as well as Titanium.

As I stated at the end of 8-5 you need Prism Stones to make Invisibility Cloaks. Now why do you need those? Two main reasons, firstly because at low levels (Under level 1,000) the best way to farm 6-6 for Angel Wings is using Dark Knights with 3-6 Cloaks equipped and Dimes filling out the rest. (You just need to find the best balance you can between enough hp for them to survive and enough attack power to get it done as quickly as possible.)

The second reason is because much later on you will want to use them for what I and many others consider to be the hardest mission in the game, 12-4. Now you can use consumables on that mission but personally I hate the idea of using consumables on anything that isn't a cot because you aren't going to get an achievement or anything significant for beating it once.

After you finish with those about everything else you would want to make in the blacksmith will require epic stones, they aren't easy to farm at low levels and even at higher levels they aren't fun to farm. However I will leave you guys to decide which items you want to put your epic stones into, personally I think Laevs are among the better items but they aren't necessary for anything, they just help speed up farming using fire units such as ninjas, twin salamanders and if you happen to have Lillith then they are her best weapons until you get a Galaxy Sword.

So to conclude this last section, the order I suggest farming up drops and making items is the following:

  1. Titaniam Ore and Prism Stones at 10-1 to make Cloaks and Cosmic Blades
  2. Angel Wings at 6-6 to turn Cosmics into Angel Slayers
  3. Epic stones for most everything else.

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