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Element: Void

Bought From: Starting hero

Cost: N/A

Type: Hero


Popo In-Game

HP - 6,800 (+3.25 per level)

Atk - 120 (+0.55 per level)

Def - 15 (+0.85 per level)

Move Speed - 1.4


HP - 320%

Atk - 55%

Def - 85%


Special Attack (Level 1) Cost - 1

Giant Fist (Level 2) Cost - 2

Rage (Level 5) Cost - 2

Tornado (Level 20) Cost - 3

Giant Fist X (Level 100) Cost - 6


Giant Dwarf hero.

Good: High Hp and Defense stats, make him an incredibly resilient meat shield if needed, his support spell,rage, take most fights to an end before the enemy hero manages to know what happened to his units, his attacking spells are well-rounded as well, making him able to create an immense punch to decimate your enemies or create tornados to send an enemy army in the air long enough until you're able to reassemble your units. Recommended at any point of the game, this hero is under your command at the beginning of your journey.

Bad: His slightly low attack makes his attack spells to deal a smaller amount of damage than other heroes,and using him as a meat shield may be useful sometimes, but he cant regenerate, so you must take care for counter-attacks after Popo's incursions.

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