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Element: Void

Bought From: Castle Throne Level 10

Cost: 3000 crystals

Type: Hero

Power go Goblins

Power Go Goblins Normal Mode

HP - 10000 (+5.09 per level)

Atk - 1200 (+0.75 per level)

Def - 600 (+0.9 per level)
Power go attack stance

Power Go Goblins Attack Stance

Move Speed - 3


HP - 509

Atk - 75

Def - 90


Power Of the Elemental (Level 1) Cost - 1 

Heal 3 (Level 2) Cost - 2 

Shield (Level 5) Cost - 2 

Thunder Shield (Level 300) Cost - 5 

Transfer (Level 200) Cost - 6 


Mysterious Goblin from a black hole?

Despite appearances, each of the PG Goblin's Special Attacks are void since his element is void,but it does have special status effects with each step of his attack, step 1: shock, step 2: burn, step 3: Freeze and Launch.

NOTE: targets that are frozen and get launched lose the frozen status but freeze can re-apply in mid air.

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