Power Go Goblins

Chapter 10 Mission 1

Enemy Hero: Power Go Goblin

Boss Element: Void Element.

Enemy Level: 680

Enemy Units: Robo Jack Mk.II Clone(EX)*, Fafnir, Pegasus Knight

Enemy Items: Gaia Crusher(x2), Zeus Robe, Meteor Shield(x2), Doping Pill

Energy Cost: 180



  • 0% Mastery: 930 XP / 8500 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 1116 XP / 10200 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 1302 XP / 11900 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 1488 XP / 13600 Gold


Ice Blaster II. Ignore the Fafnir, just use Ice Blaster II. He'll go down very fast to it. If for some reason he doesn't, simply use Twin Diablos to win anyways.


  • Robo Jack Mk.II Clone(EX): As Robo Jack Mk. II, except: 280/62/70, Thunder element, cost=5, pop=3
Quest-9-6 Quest-10-2

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