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Chapter 11, Mission 2

Enemy Hero: Lilith The Succubus Queen

Enemy Level: 1000

Enemy Units: Cyclop, Warg Rider +, Fire Succubi, Fallen Angel, Ninja Assassin +, Ork Bomber+

Enemy Items: True Dragon King Sword II (×3), Bloody Armor (×2), Elixir

Energy Cost: 215



  • 0%: 1040 XP / 10400 gold
  • 100%: 1250 XP / 12400 gold
  • 200% 1460 XP / 14400 gold
  • 300%: 1680 XP / 16400 gold

Strategy: (level 610+) 2×Dimension Axe, 2×Barbatos King Armour or Invisible Cloak, 2×Khronos Shields

Walk SAP forward, then Ice Blaster II. Use Dragon Warriors (in case you can't kill her), and Ice Blaster II again. You should be able to finish her with these two, but if you somehow can't, walk back and Ice Blaster II her again, hopefully killing her with that one. If you still can't, level up some more and try again with better items.

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