Chapter 12, Mission 4

Enemy Hero: Ethereal Queen

Enemy Level: 1800

Enemy Units: Angel Knight +, Arch Angel, Fallen Angel, Lilith Minion (Ex)

Enemy Items: 2x Infinity Blade, Gaia Crusher, Epic Armour III, Epic Shield III, Dragon Steak Barbeque

Energy Cost: 260



  • 0% Mastery: 1400 Exp, 12500 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 1680 Exp, 15000 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 1960 Exp, 17500 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 2240 Exp, 20000 Gold


Warning: Her attacks all hit the entire battlefield. Have high def and hp.

Use 3 Invisible Cloak and 3 Faatality Drink(or 3 Dragon Steak Barbeque but that's a waste of gold for 12-4)

With Holy Angel Seraphiel,I summoned Dark Knight with the hotkeys as fast as I could in the hopes that they would absorb holy judgment then I flew up and hit Arch Angel with Ice Blaster 2 and flew away quick(while still using Dark Knights) and I waited for the Angel Knight to be in the same spot as Arch Angel so I could kill them all at once with Ice Blaster 2 and at that point I stayed on the right side of her to avoid letting her sword hurt my Dark Knight(while killing all Angel Knight with Ice Blaster 2) and by the time she retreated to her starting spot I had 40-50 Dark Knight on her. You must continue to kill the enemy units with your Ice Blast until you have 80-90 Dark Knight on her(at which point you can start using rage) and she should be dead. (I managed to do this at level 575 with only 2000 skill points allocated in attack. I highly recommend being over level 1000 though.) 

With Sir Kholai I summoned Dark Knight right away then cast shield so that they would absorb holy judgment a little bit for you. (while doing the rest of this cast heal, Dark Knight, rage, repeat.)next you should distract the Angel Knight with Sir Kholai while Dark Knight are killing Arch Angel. at this point you should have a decent number of Dark Knight to fight the Angel Knight you are distracting.(If your Dark Knight can't kill the Angel Knight here then you aren't strong enough yet.) At this point just keep spammingDark Knight and stand in the middle of the group of them(to avoid damage) as they slowly kill Sera. I was level 2000 for this but it will probably work at a lower level with more consumables (not recommended) or a higher level with less consumables (recommended).

side note not from author, high defense Sir Kholai and Fafnir with thunder bufs will easily defeat her. takes a lot of time to reach the appropriate stats, but worth it for farming at later times.

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