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Chapter 3 Mission 6

Enemy Hero: Barbatos the Giant Elder (Boss)

Enemy Level: 100

Base Stats: 50,000 HP / 400 Att / 80 Def

Aptitude: 500 / 100 / 100

Boss Spells: Special Attack, Swords of Judgement, Heal III, Tornado, Twin Tornado

Enemy Units: Skeleton Archer, Centaur Lancer, Warg Rider, White Tiger, Catapult, Stone Guardian, Earth Dragon

Enemy Items: Megaton Axe, Voltron Armour, Crusader Shield, Doping Pill

Energy Cost: 35



  • 0%: 187 Xp / 1,875 Gold
  • 100%: 224 Xp / 2,250 Gold
  • 200%: 262 Xp / 2,625 Gold
  • 300%: 299 Xp / 3,000 Gold


The first test of player strategy. Barbatos has a wide variety of elemental units under hit command, his attack damages all units underneath him (the usual weak point of the giant bosses), and Tornado/Twin Tornado take rapid care of most Magic units.

6 staves of holy empire will give you the mana and stats that you need to beat this. Use succubi, rage, succubi, wait until your mana bar is about full to use rage again, succubi, and so on. It also helps to block the earth dragon with your hero a bit while the succubi kill him. If you are having problems killing the earth dragon, a wave of elf rangers or centaur lancers in the beginning should help.

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