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Chapter 4 Mission 6

Enemy Hero: Dragonzord (Boss)

Enemy Level: 180

Base Stats: 90,000 HP / 450 Att / 90 Def

Aptitude: 500 / 100 / 100

Boss Spells: Special Attack, Thunder Storm 3

Enemy Units: Goblin, Phantom Knight, Holy Matriarch, Centaur Archer, Angel Knight, Dragon Rider, Fire Dragon

Enemy Items: Apocalypse Spear x2, Bahamut Armour, Armour of Briton, Dark Shield

Energy Cost: 50



  • 0%: 280 Xp / 2,800 Gold
  • 100%: 336 Xp / 3,360 Gold
  • 200%: 392 Xp / 3,920 Gold
  • 300%: 448 Xp / 4,480 Gold


A deceptively simple boss. So long as your attack is high enough (and it should be, with 6 staves of holy empire equipped) then you can simply send Hobbit after hobbit at him and continuously cast Rage to ensure they deal maximum damage to him.

Since Dragonzord is so large, he cannot actually hit the hobbits that stand underneath him, so he will be stabbed to death quickly, as the only unit he will summon against the Hobbits are Goblins, which the hobbits will defeat easily.

For a quick defeat, providing you are high enough level, you can also send Fire Dragons. The Fire Dragon deals considerable damage, and its attack animation pushes it behind Dragonzord, and out of the reach of his attack.

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