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Chapter 5, Mission 5

Enemy Hero: Barbatos*

Enemy Level: 200

Enemy Units: Dwarf Sharp Shooter, White Tiger, Pegasus Knight, Cursed Pirate, Twin Diablos (Ex)**

Enemy Items: Gungnir (x2), Gaea Bolga, Pluton Armour, Pluton Shield, Orange Fruit

Energy Cost: 65



  • 0% Mastery: 310 Exp, 3,100 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 372 Exp, 3,720 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 434 Exp, 4,340 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 496 Exp, 4,960 Gold


1. Almost invariably, Barbatos starts by summoning a squad of Pegasus Knights. These are powerful short range units which stun, so in order to beat the level, it is suggested to field gorillas and enough Mana+ to deploy them immediately, combined with units capable of holding them off long enough for the Gorillas to kill them.

If you can summon an Earth unit before Barbatos summons (before the map finishes loading), then he will skip summoning the pegasus knights entirely, and just summon earth dragons.

2. Though it takes high stats, you can also just spam Holy Matriach and Giant Fist any enemies that come near your hero.

3. If given the time, spam ninjas that have 1,200 atk until Barbatos is dead

4. Another way is to summon Succubi and tank for them while they kill the knights. A high level and health is recommended.

5. Spam Gorillas twice and succubi spam till Barbatos is dead.

(*) Unique Hero:

As Lutea the Summoner, except:

With Popo's skin, enlarged; his special attack, and aptitudes


(**) Unique Unit:

Twin Diablos (Ex)

As Twin Diablos, except:

Cost: 4, 220 / 90 / 80.

Quest-5-4 Quest-5-6

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