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Chapter 5, Mission 6

Enemy Hero: Phantom Beast King*

Enemy Level: 250

Enemy Units: Phantom Beast, Dark Warrior, Ninja Assassin, Gorilla, Mystic, Dragon Warrior , Dark Guardian (Ex)**

Enemy Items: Tiamat Claw (x2), Faatality Drink, Crystal Armour, Omega Shield, Dino Steak

Energy Cost: 75



  • 0% Mastery: 430 Exp, 4,000 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 516 Exp, 4,800 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 602 Exp, 5,600 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 688 Exp, 6,400 Gold


As the boss starts with a full mana bar, it will instantly summon its own Phantom Beasts. With Succubi or Gorillas and Mana+, it should be possible to kill this first wave with ranged attack before they wipe you out, potentially sending Hobbits or Goblins to slow them down as necessary. After this, Ninja Assassins are the best unit to use against the boss itself, as they are numerous and fast enough for the majority to survive Poison Cloud and the Boss' powerful melee attack. Good stats are vital for this boss, due to the early rush. If you have Steel Armored Popo you can use ice blaster to kill the Phantom beasts and your Ninja assassins must have over 1040 attack and 240 defense. It is highly recommended to get 2 Dimension Axes from market lvl 10.


The main problem at lower levels is that even if you have 2 Dimension Axes, your ninjas may not have enough def to survive the boss's attacks. If you get just 1 Armor of Darkness you should be able to beat it pretty easily by just spamming ninjas and rage.

If you have some valkyries out with your ninajs, he will spam mystics instead of ninjas. If you can somehow get at least 1 valkyrie to survive under him with your ninjas you should be in for a much easier battle. This is a hard thing to do correctly. I could only get it right about 1 in 5 tries with 2 dimension axes and 4 staff of holy empire. 

(*) Unique Hero:

The Phantom Beast Lord In-Game

Phantom Beast Lord:


Spells: Poison Cloud 2

(**) Unique Unit:

Dark Guardian



Element: True Earth, Melee

Population: 4, Cost: 3

Quest-5-5 Quest-6-1

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