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Chapter 6, Mission 6

Enemy Hero: Angel Metatron*

Enemy Level: 400

Enemy Units: Viegraff Clone**, Popo Clone**, Fairy, Divine Angel (Ex)**, Harpy, Goblin, Mystic

Enemy Items: Angel Slayer (x2), Faatality Drink, Angel Armour, Holy Shield, Gungnir

Energy Cost: 100


Metatron In-Game



  • 0% Mastery: 650 Exp, 6,000 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 780 Exp, 7,200 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 910 Exp, 8,400 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 1,040 Exp, 9,600 Gold

Strategy: When facing this boss, it is important to note these things: 1: Due to his massive size, and being an Arch Angel, Metatron cannot even be attacked by smaller units, such as Goblins, Ninja Assassins or most melee units below 4 Cost. The only exception to this are Elite Hobbits. Catapults also have difficulty targetting him, due to their low firing arc.

2: Due to his massive Def stat, most units will be hitting minimums against him, making multiple hit units more valuable than single hit units in order to kill him before time runs out.

3: Due to his size, his Special Attack - which he uses almost exclusively, hits three times in the place where "Short" range units, such as Cursed Pirates stand to attack, as well as hitting below him.

4: Almost universally, Metatron will summon Viegraff Clones to start with, and then summon a steady stream of Goblins.

5: Summoning a wave of pegasus knights as the battle starts (using keys to summon them before he summons anything) will make him skip viegraff clones and just keep spamming goblins.

As such, the simplest and most reliable method of beating the boss is to instantly summon a squad of Pegasus Knights to prevent the the Clones from coming out, followed up by a steady supply of Fire Succubi. These will follow the Boss to his starting position and stop just outside of his Special Attack range, whittling his health down to nothing.

Alternatives at higher levels include replacing Fire Succubi with Angel Knights or Dark Knight for a faster victory.

Another way is to use goblins/hobbits and succubi. Since the boss rushes you now, it might be hard to survive and build up a decent army and push. Still spamming succubi but keeping the boss away with goblins/hobbits is the way to push and win. Hobbits might be the better choice here since earth>thunder and the boss keeps spamming goblins.

But the best way is the next: first, you send  one wizards, after that gorillas till the end. Enough gorillas press power to push the boss back. With two from Steel armored Popo's last spell will kill the clones, and his first spell will destroy all of his units what he send after the clones in this tactics. If you send the next units he will spend strong, unbeatable units or kill you with his thundering spell immediately: succubi, holy march, thunder crystal or any melee unit. This is the most effective tactics. He has close 300.000 Hp, he kill you with one spell, your spells have not enough power to deal damage to him, and you win!

(*) Unique Hero:

Angel Metatron:


Spells: Thunder Storm 3

(**) Unique Unit:

Viegraff Clone

A non-hero Viegraff the Red, with several differences:


Melee, Fire

Rather than using spells, attacks using Viegraff's Special Attack.

Cost: 5, Population: 3

Popo Clone

A non-hero Popo the Epic Dwarf, with several differences:


Melee, Earth

Rather than using spells, attacks using Popo's Special Attack.

Cost: 5, Population: 3

Divine Angel (Ex)

As Angel Knight except:


Element: True Thunder, Melee, Weak versus Earth.

Cost: 3

Quest-6-5 Quest-7-1

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