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Chapter 7, Mission 2

Enemy Hero: Sir George Lancelot

Enemy Level: 350

Enemy Units: Puppy Dragon, Dragon Rider, Twin Salamander, Earth Dragon, Dragon Warrior, Turdzilla

Enemy Items: True Dragon King Sword, True Dragon King Sword II, True Dragon King Armour, True Dragon King Armour II, Elixir, Orange Fruit.

Energy Cost: 72



  • 0% Mastery: 600 Exp, 5,900 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 720 Exp, 7,080 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 840 Exp, 8,260 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 960 Exp, 9,440 Gold


Summon Pegasus Knights or something quick to get him to spawn his puppy dragons and then use the hero Steel Armoured Popo's Ice Blaster II attack to kill him from close range where so he cannot defend himself with his Special Attack. Ninja rushing is also a suitable strategy here if you have decent equips and/or level.

Quest-7-1 Quest-7-3

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