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Chapter 7, Mission 4

Enemy Hero: Viegraff the Red

Enemy Level: 380

Enemy Units: Ninja Assassin, Fire Succubi, Viegraff Clone*, Centaur Archer, Pegasus Knight, Thunder Crystal, Flame Devil

Enemy Items: Epic Blade II, Cosmic Blade, Epic Armour II, Epic Shield II, Dino Steak, Orange Fruit

Energy Cost: 85



  • 0% Mastery: 700 Exp, 6,500 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 840 Exp, 7,800 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 980 Exp, 9,100 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 1120 Exp, 10,400 Gold


Pegasus Knights should, as usual, take out everything that Viegraff can send.

Ninja rushing also results in a very dead Viegraff as long as your ninjas are stronger than his, which they should be with 2 AoD's and 2 Dimes.

(*) Unique Unit:

Viegraff Clone

A non-hero Viegraff the Red, with several differences:


Melee, Fire

Rather than using spells, attacks using Viegraff's Special Attack.

Cost: 5, Population: 3

Quest-7-3 Quest-7-5

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