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Chapter 8 Mission 5

Enemy Hero: The Mighty GhatotKacha

Enemy Level: 550

Enemy Units: Boomerang Man, Yeti, Pegasus Knight, Thunder Crystal, Twin Salamander, Lava Golem, Twin Diablos (Ex)*

Enemy Items: Keris, Koteka, Sun Shield, Dragon Steak Barbeque, Elixir, Faatality Drink

Energy Cost: 140



  • 0% Mastery: 840 XP / 7,500 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 1,008 XP / 9,000 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 1,176 XP / 10,500 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 1,344 XP/ 12,000 Gold


This encounter is effectively a mini-boss, and requires decent stats accordingly.

First, take out his Twin Salamander spawn with Ice Blaster II, then move your hero as close to GhatotKacha as possible - he cannot harm anything close to him.

Meanwhile, summon high damage melee, such as Ninja Assassin. Note that these should not be thunder elemental or Warg Riders, as the vast majority of the time GhatotKacha summons Boomerang Men. Warg Riders and their slow attack animation are knocked away from GhatotKacha before they can deal real damage.

From this point it's a damage race, you should be casting Ice Blaster II whenever possible - this should take out most of the boomerang men at their spawn point, and also deal some damage to GhatotKacha. Combined with the Ninja Assassins (which should ultimately reach 90 by his feet), you should kill him before you die, unless your stats are insufficient.

Note: If he sends out pegasus knights, you will have a ton more trouble that usual. Getting more Ninjas out sooner (using more mana items) should stop him from sending them. Recommended equips are at least 2 Dimension Axes with Armor of Darkness in the rest of the spaces.

(*) Unique Unit:

Twin Diablos (Ex)

As Twin Diablos, except: Cost: 4, 220 / 90 / 80.

Quest-8-4 Quest-8-6

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