The Death

Chapter 9 Mission 2Edit

Enemy Hero: The Death

Boss Element: Void Element.

Enemy Level: 580

Enemy Units: Fire Succubi, Phantom Beast, Witch, Dark Knight, Masked Brawler, Mermaid, Reaper

Enemy Items: Staff of Doomsday(x2), Mr Satan Glove, Meteor Shield(x2), Shark Fin Soup?

Energy Cost: 155



  • 0% Mastery: 860 XP / 7700 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 1032 XP / 9240 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 1204 XP / 10780 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 1376 XP / 12320 Gold


Ice Blaster II from SA Popo will do the job. If you still need further support, his mini-versions, Reapers, work just fine. Be careful, however, as his Special Attacks leeches life off you and your units, healing him.

Quest-9-1 Quest-9-3

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