Nin-Dog Master

Chapter 9 Mission 3Edit

Enemy Hero: Nin-Dog Master

Boss Element: Void Element.

Enemy Level: 600

Enemy Units: Ninja Assassin, Ork Bomber

Enemy Items: Demon Sword Laevatine(x2), Robe of Light, Titania Shield, Doping Pill, Elixir


Nin-Dog In Person

Energy Cost: 160



  • 0% Mastery: 880 XP / 7800 Gold
  • 100% Mastery: 1056 XP / 9360 Gold
  • 200% Mastery: 1232 XP / 10920 Gold
  • 300% Mastery: 1408 XP / 12480 Gold


This level is actually as easy as awkward. Spam Reapers and you're done. His Special Attack is not actually an attack, but spawns Ninja-Puppies, which are also very easy targets for your Reapers.

Quest-9-2 Quest-9-4

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