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Element: Water

Bought From: Monster Lab Level 9

Cost: 10 Sea God Seal, Dragon Warrior, 100,000 Gold OR 1,200 Crystals.

Type: Titan, Magic

HP - 3,600 (+2.1 per level)

Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent In-Game

Atk - 220 (+1 per level)

Def - 40 (+0.85 per level)

Move Speed - 1

Attack Speed - 5.5

Hits: 3+*

Attack Power: 0.5

Size: Huge

Range: Short/Medium**

Population - 1

Cost to Summon - 7


HP - 210

Atk - 100

Def - 85


Attack Status: Knockback

Status Immunity: Freeze

Status Weakness: Burn

Guard: Stun=999, Fly=999, Fatalty=999, Burn=0.8, Freeze=1.0, Shock=0.9, Poison=0.9

(*): Attack can hit anywhere between 1 and 3 times, depending on positioning. Attack also pierces.

(**): Titan attacks at Short (Semi-Ranged) range. Attack continues to deal damage out to Medium (Magic) range.

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