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Element: Void

Bought From: Castle Throne Level 8

Cost: 1800 crystals

Type: Hero


Sir George Lancelot In-Game

HP - 7,000 (+3.2 per level)

Atk - 145 (+0.65 per level)

Def - 20 (+0.8 per level)

Move Speed - 2.7


HP - 320%

Atk - 65%

Def - 80%


Special Attack (Level 1) Cost - 1

Raging (Level 5) Cost - 2

Meteor II (Level 25) Cost - 5

Meteor III (Level 65) Cost - 6

Dragon's Roar (Level 200) Cost - 4


Epic War Legend Hero.


Due to his flight, Lancelot can avoid certain ranged attacks if he is on the edge of the shooter's range, and certain small units, such as Goblins, if they are on the lowest possible "row".

Special Attack Launches targets and remains present for several seconds, preventing units from advancing without taking damage, hitting multiple times in a small area.

Dragon's Roar strikes multiple times in a straight line in front of Lancelot, providing melee and general close range offensive options, though it also works at range.

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