The Arena

The Arena is the option to fight with other players in asynchronous PvP. This means that the AI controls their army, see Artificial Intelligence for an explanation of the computer's tactics and strategy.

Where is the Arena?

The Arena is found by selecting the "Arena" tab from the top of the screen.

How do I find an opponent?

Once you enter the Arena, a list of players close to your level appears. Click the "Fight" button at the right to begin fighting. Other options to find an opponent are:

  • Click on "Rankings". The Top Players will appear, and you can battle them.
  • Enter a player's name and/or level range in the empty search box you see. Beware as any mistake such as using a lowercase letter where a cap should go will provide no results. Then, click "Search" to try and find the opponent you are looking for.
  • Click on "Search" without entering anything in the search boxes. A list of players around your level will, again, appear.

What are 1.5x, 2x and 3x modes?

Other options available when challenging someone in the arena are fighting them at an increased power level. This means all of their units, including their hero, are 1.5, 2, or 3 times stronger. Each increase costs more battle points but yields more exp and gold.

It won't let me fight someone. Why?

You probably lack Action Points. Next to everyone's name, below the red arrow, there is a number. That is the amount of Action you need to fight this opponent. Action is taken away from you after you hit "Close" in the Win or Lose screen. So, you are free to simply check out the opponent's setup and leave.

What are battle points?

Battle points are your reward for winning a battle. Losing takes away battle point from you. They are then used to try the Cave of Trial battles.

What is the Cave of Trial?

If you click in the "Cave of Trial" tab under the usual set of tabs, you will find yourself in a similar interface with some opponents to face. These are just like a regular Mission, only they do not require mastery, and their drop has a 100% drop rate. They cost battle points to fight and are very difficult boss levels.

Your Battle Log, how to read it?

You can find your Battle Log in the profile tab. It records the people who have challenged you in the Arena. If, under result, "Win" is written, it means YOUR AI lost. If "Lose" is written it mean the OPPONENT lost to your AI. Next to Win/Lose your opponent might have left a message for you. Do not take losses in the Arena too seriously though, the AI is terrible.

How is EXP/Gold/Action Point Cost calculated?

Credit for the below goes to gust4v3 . Original source: [Guide] Math Strategies - Text 1: How is xp/gold/AP calculated in the Arena?

  1. Enemy_Stats = Enemy_Level + Mode * [ (Enemy_HP / 2) + Enemy_Attack + Enemy_Defense ]
  2. Player_Stats = Player_Level + (Player_HP / 2) + Player_Attack + Player_Defense
  3. X = [ (Enemy_Stats - Player_Stats) * (Enemy_number_units) ] / 60
  4. Action Point Cost = 0.08 * X
  5. Gold Reward = X / 2
  6. EXP Reward = 2 * X
Note: The maximum EXP gain as of now (v.1.41) is 9.999, without any EXP+(S,M,L) bonuses. It is further boosted by those bonuses. Gold, however, does not have a maximum amount. To receive the maximum EXP, you will need to fight an enemy who costs 400 Action Points or more.

Notable Opponents.

There are certain opponents called "farms". These, are specially made by gust4v3 and award very big amounts of exp, allowing fast leveling, it should also be noted that these farms are only available on the Kongregate version of the game. They can also be beaten in a few seconds by using Warg Riders/White Tigers + Rage. These namely are: farm100 (level 100), farm500 (level 500), farm1000 (level 1000), farm2500 (level 2500), onderbroek (level 3721, made by onderbroek), epicfarm (level 5000), farm6000 (level 6000, made by Ivan_The_Terible ) and gust4v3 himself (level 9999).

Use the one that suits your level best, and try to stay above 400 Action Point cost, if possible, to get the maximum exp. It is also pointless for example to fight epicfarm, if farm2500 3x costs more than 400 APs. Move on to the next farm when the 3x mode no longer costs 400 or more APs.

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