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You have been sent here because you are having trouble in game.

  1. Increase your level. If you're having trouble, you should at absolute minimum be half the level of the mission you want to beat. Levelling up increases the stats of all your units by their aptitude/100 every level, as well as giving you more skill points to boost their stats further.
  2. Change your hero. Usually using Popo is plenty, but rarely you may get better results using another hero, or just by making sure your hero is positioned more safely.
  3. Collect all available units to you. You should have a planned counter for any unit the mission might contain. If you don't, then buy one and equip it.
  4. Change your equipment. 6x Excalibourne is enough to instantly summon 6 cost units like White Tigers, but by equipping high stat equipment like Zeus Staff or a Faatality Drink, you can instantly increase your chances of winning a mission.
  5. Compare your stats. To hurt an enemy, you generally need to have more Atk points than they do Def points. To survive against an enemy, you need to have enough Def and HP to survive to get into combat, deal damage, and hopefully kill their unit before they kill yours. If you don't have anything that can beat a unit's defense or anything that can survive long enough to kill them before they reach you, then you should level up more before trying to do anything further.

By following these steps, you should be able to beat any level in the game.

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